Castle Crafters Servers

by Jerlag_01 at 10:20 PM
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To my regret and probably a lot of yours. CC won't keep running. The server are will start shutting down immediatly. Server files will not be put online. websites will remain online.
As for the discord, Server will remain for creating a general gaming community for everyone.

Jerlag out
by Jerlag_01 at 1:03 AM
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As you all may have noticed on the Discord Server, Creative will be reset within the next 20 hours.

This has been decided due to the fact that creative crashes a lot and has some serious lag problems. So with this reset we hope that it will get fixed.

The reset itself shouldn't take that long. All plots are getting cleared but the spawn remains the same.

Stay tuned for more updates!
by Epic_Ninj4 at 7:30 AM
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Hey guys,
The factions reset has happened. We hope you enjoy the new additions and different tweets and perks made to the server in a effort to increase the overall quality of the server. Although we have tried our hardest to minimize issues there is undoubtedly some exploits we did not find. In order to maximize enjoyment I encourage you to report any exploits, glitches and rule breakers to the forums.

Thank you.
by Epic_Ninj4 at 2:29 AM
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Hey guys,
There will be maintenance on the website and forums within the coming days. The maintenance will allow you to access the website but not view or use the forums at all. It should take up to 4 hours and will result in a faster and more reliable website. We hope you understand and apology for any inconvenience this will cause.

Keep checking back here for updates.
by Epic_Ninj4 at 5:41 AM
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Hey guys,
Before the faction reset we wanted to do something special to give you a chance to use all the gear you have gathered over your time on the server. When the timer hits 00:00 the area below spawn will be unprotected. Therefore you will be able to build and destroy the land. @nevets6 and I will be defending a castle place below spawn. The castle will be claimed by our faction. The aim of the game is to destroy the castle and/or gain control of it through claiming it. From when the timer runs out, @nevets6 and I will be defending the castle for a number of hours and will continue to join the server at different times until the reset in a attempt to protect the castle.

*We will keep our inventories when we are killed however there is a 40% chance our heads will drop.

Prizes (vouchers for the donator shop in book form):
by Epic_Ninj4 at 1:53 PM
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Hey guys,
The new faction server is almost ready and @nevets6 and I are making the final changes in preparation for the reset. Now, this is your opportunity to complain about anything and everything about the current server. Whether its the way the chat is displayed or the names of the kits, tell us so we can make the server the best it can be.

by Epic_Ninj4 at 11:25 AM
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Countdown Time Clock*
Server will close 4 hours before reset.

In preparation for the scheduled Factions reset we have allowed everyone to use the command '/pv 1'. This will entitle you to two rows (18 slots) of storage space which will be carried over to the new world. Due to some player having abused certain bugs etc, we have changed the stack limit for some OP items.

Furthermore, the current tokens can be exchanged to the new ones, however it will not be a 1:1, you will 'loose' some. I.e. 3 Old tokens gives 1 New one (This is only an example!)

Once the reset occurred, you may be disoriented a bit as all buildings will be new, including spawn and lounge.

And now, Enjoy the all out PvP while you can, or just gather some resources to take over into the new world!

*I will try my hardest to get it released by the time the clock runs out but I cannot guarantee.
by Epic_Ninj4 at 12:04 PM
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Hey guys,
We have two option with skyblock please vote on which one you would rather, most votes wins.

1. Reset all islands and add new features such as nether islands, more achievements, more donator rewards.
2. Islands will not be reset but nothing changes apart from glitches and issues being fixed. It will essentially be the same server as before.

Please vote and leave any questions below, thank you.

*The poll closes in 2 days time.
by Epic_Ninj4 at 6:26 AM
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Hey guys,
There is some scheduled maintenance due to commence within the next few hours. As this will be used to reinstall the operating system therefore all software and servers, it is expected to take upto 3-4days. However, during the maintenance the creative server will be available to all players to play. Please note that none of the data is going to be affected and therefore this is NOT a server reset and all servers will be the exact same as before the reset. Please refer to the forums for updates on the progress. I hope you all understand and are not too upset.

by nevets6 at 8:32 AM
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A lot of things have gone wrong on factions over the past few weeks... (As well as creative, but that's another story)

Here are some important things to note:
1. All errors will be solved in 4 weeks or less regradless whether or not the reset continues.(They will, trust me...)
2. We may, or may not do a hard reset of factions (This depends on you guys)
If we do a hard reset, these things will happen:
  • Your balances, homes, enderchests and /chests will be deleted/wiped
  • We will implement new builds, including a new spawn, new lounge and a brand new world
  • Changes to some items (i.e. Super Puncher will be nerfed from Knockback V to IV)
  • And something for staff too: stronger security, so you can have more control (i.e. better perms, possible access to console, but don't take my word on that one) which for everyone means faster response times to bugs and rule breakers.